Design Fundamentals of Erosion & Sediment Control Measures for Construction Activities

This online course is a comprehensive overview of the rules and regulations that govern construction projects regarding stormwater pollution prevention, the erosion and sediment processes, design of control practices, and technology applications for the construction industry.  The course is intended for participants generally familiar with erosion and sediment control concepts who want to increase their knowledge level within the construction industry to advance their professional careers.  Six modules make up the entire course, which include review questions at the conclusion of each module intended to reinforce presented material.

 The learning objectives for this online course are to

  1. Gain an understanding of federal erosion and sediment control regulations and how they apply to state and local municipalities that establish expectations of site operators in the erosion and sediment control industry;
  2.  Provide a review of typical erosion and sediment control practices and learn effective site planning, installation, and inspection strategies; and
  3. Attain an overview of hydrological analysis and soil loss models, and learn site assessment strategies for developing stormwater pollution prevention plans (SWPPPs).

Participants of this course are expected to obtain an in-depth overview of erosion and sediment control regulations and design applications.

Modules Include: 

Module 1: Rules and Regulations, provides an overview of federal stormwater regulations and how they apply to state and local municipalities, which establish the expectations of site operators in the construction industry.  Course participants will: (1) leave with an increase in awareness on the issues of stormwater pollution generated from construction activities and the negative impact it has on the environment; (2) gain an understanding of federal regulations as it pertains to stormwater runoff from construction sites; and (3) understand requirements associated with conducting construction site inspections of erosion and sediment control practices.

Module 2: Erosion Control, describes the process of erosion, primary causes, and various strategies to control erosion on construction sites.  Course participants will: (1) gain an understanding of the erosion process and the primary influencing factors, (2) understand the purpose of erosion controls and their ability to protect the soil to promote the growth of vegetation; (3) become knowledgeable on typical erosion control practices used in construction; and (4) understand effective site planning strategies to prevent or minimize erosion.

Module 3: Sediment Control, covers the process of sediment transport and deposition and various strategies to control sediment transport on construction sites.  Course participants will: (1) gain an understanding of the sedimentation process and the influencing factors; (2) become knowledgeable on typical sediment control practices used in construction and their limitations; and (3) understand the installation and maintenance requirements of typical sediment control practices.

Module 4: Managing Runoff, provides provides an overview of the various aspects of site hydrology and various design principles to quantify stormwater runoff based upon site specific characteristics.  Course participants will: (1) have the ability to understand modeling hydrologic principles and understand how it relates to erosion and sediment control applications; (2) attain an overview of hydrological analysis techniques and resources for required data and input; and (3) be able to apply various hydrological models to a construction site to determine runoff characteristics.

With the purchase of this course, you will receive the final two modules in mid-2018. You will receive an email when they are available and receive any additional 0.2 IACET CEU Credits (2 Professional Development Hours). 

Module 5: Soil Loss Modeling: this module covers various soil loss models used to quantify the effectiveness of various erosion and sediment control practices and corresponding sediment yields. Course participants will: (1) gain an understanding of various soil loss data models and applications; (2) have the ability to determine site-specific factors that are required by soil loss models; and (3) be able to apply various soil loss models to calculate sediment yield for a construction site.

Module 6: Site Planning and Management: this module will cover site assessment strategies and runoff control measures for developing effective stormwater pollution prevention plans (SWPPPs) used during construction. Course participants will: (1) become knowledgeable on effective erosion, sediment, and pollution prevention control strategies typically employed in construction; (2) understand key pollution prevention and housekeeping practices typically used to ensure the construction site and materials do not contaminate stormwater runoff; and (3) attain an understanding of site planning strategies that could be implemented to minimize erosion potential, sediment transport, and pollution discharge from construction sites. 

Course Level: All 
Last Updated: September 24, 2018

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