Steep Slope Stabilization Using Environmentally Sound Techniques

This course will help you to more effectively evaluate slope failure areas and to conduct the necessary field investigations to support site design.  Environmentally sound techniques are emphasized in order to provide a variety of project benefits including aesthetics, soil stability, improved water quality, reduced runoff, and increased species diversity.  Case studies are reviewed and provide insight and practical applications of design strategies and methods.  Steep slope stabilization successes and failures are included.  Case studies with a range of field conditions and design solutions are emphasized.  

Learning Objectives:

  1. Explain design consideration for reinforced slopes.
  2. Recognize factors influencing stability on steep slopes. 
  3. Evaluate environmentally sound soultions for steep slope stability. 
  4. Give examples of case study successes.
  5. Identify Case Study Failures and explain lessons learned from the failure. 

Course Level: Intermediate

Credit Notice:  IECA is an Authorized Provider of IACET CEU credit. This course offers 0.1 IACET CEU Credit. Learners must achieve an average test score of at least 70% to meet the minimum successful completion requirement and qualify to receive IACET CEU credit. Learners will have three attempts at all graded assessments.

Credit Information

Activity Number Credit Amount Accreditation Period
IECA CEU Online Course 0.1 CEUs from June 28, 2017