Techniques for Effective Beach & Shoreline Stabilization

Module one discusses the components of the coastal system and explains longshore transport, tidal inlet processes, the causes of erosion and offers a variety of engineering solution to address these problems.  Shoreline armoring methods (which can include a multitude of such engineering solutions as vertical sheet pile bulkheads or seawalls, revetments, geotextile structures, and other forms of armoring) are discussed, along with structural designs intended to protect the shoreline, such as groins and breakwaters.  Examples of the variety of these types of structures, the materials that are used, and their application are discussed, outlining their function and potential adverse impacts as well as the benefits that they can provide.

Module two discusses beach and dune restoration and nourishment as an important component of proper coastal system management.  Construction and maintenance of the components that make up the coastal system, such as dune restoration (including dune vegetation and sand fencing) and beach nourishment, are discussed in detail, including construction techniques and costs.  The variety of techniques and equipment used to construct projects is discussed at length, including locating and analyzing compatible sediment material, which includes grain size, composition, and color, both from offshore and upland areas.  Finding and transporting the best sediment material for the appropriate beach and dune system is a major focal point.

Course Level: Basic

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